Why Choose Domain-driven Design?

Many factors influenced this growth in popularity, but the most important one is that Domain-Driven Design explains how people from the software industry can build an understanding of their users’ needs and create software systems that solve the problem and make an impact.

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Domain driven design (ddd) Why Domain Driven Design. What is the “domain”? Set of principles and patterns to solve difficult problems; clear and testable code that represents the domain; Interact with domain experts; In contrast to some approaches, you focus on a single domain at a time; Business logic is in one area ; Drawbacks? Need access to the domain experts; time and effort, initiall

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Domain-driven design is the process of optimising a team’s ability to learn about the domain it is working in. Documents are often places where we can hide our ignorance about a domain and DDD discourages the over reliance on documentation. domain modelling sessions will most likely take place in front of a whiteboard where the team and subject matter experts will draw back at each other using …