What We Can Learn From The Color Palettes Of 10 Top Websites

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After receiving plenty of positive feedback on our first color combination guide, we knew that our audience would appreciate another round of gorgeous palettes to choose from. You can easily apply these to any of your Visme projects by using the hex codes provided to the right of each image, as seen in the GIF above.

How To Avoid 86% Of Millennials To Get Influenced By Negative Review 5 Tips For Marketing Your First WordPress Product 5 Tips for Marketing your First WordPress Product. 9. shares. share tweet linkedin. WordPress is one of the most widely used tools on the internet. Initially, when the open-source project started, WordPress was mostly used for blogs. It is free and open-source for content management. WordPress is

If you think the three similar color schemes in the top 10 websites are a coincidence – think again. From CBC’s “Under The Influence” the four colors used in Google, Ebay, and Microsoft’s color palettes imply the following meanings. Red suggests action; Green calls …

This guide will show you which site color palettes are trending in 2020, so you can find the best website colors for you. We’ll look at examples of real sites and list some of the exact color codes. 1. Soft tones. soft tones are definitely trending in 2020. Creations Namale is a jewelry brand based in Canada. Here’s a screenshot from the …

Opposites Attract: Tips For Designing A Clean Yet Colorful Website Opposites Attract: Tips for Designing a Clean Yet Colorful Website. 309. SHARES . Share Tweet Linkedin. A clean website design does not have to be boring, and a colorful website design does not have to be obnoxious and overwhelming. Interestingly, usually all a clean site needs to jazz it up are a few bright or