Intro To Git For Web Designers

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Webdesigner Depot has posted a great Intro to Git for Web Designers. It walks through what version control is, why you should use it, the advantages of using Git, …

Awesome git tutorials I am finding here and there Raw. git A bunch of good git tutorials Intro to git … Intro to git for web designers. Git Visual Guide. Think Like (a) Git. A series of introductory blogs, aimed at beginners. Everyday GIT With 20 Commands Or So learn Git basics through the most common commands with examples. Git for the lazy. A wiki with a bunch of …

It’s a platform that hosts your code on a remote Git server with a nice web interface and allows you to collaborate with other project members on the same server.

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Unless you’re a one person web shop with no team to collaborate with, you’ve experienced the frustration that goes along with file sharing.

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GitHub has become the industry-standard version control and publishing platform for web developers, but it’s great for designers too. This course shows web designers how GitHub can dramatically improve their workflow and assist in creating and publishing sites.

GitHub for Web Designers How Git works Crafting code since 2002. Built with Craft

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