Web Design Color Schemes

Color combination is really the most important part of color theory and designing with colors, and also the hardest– It always comes down to your personal judgement and how you look at colors.

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How to Apply a Color Scheme Palette to a Project Welcome to Colors on the Web. This website is dedicated to color theory and the use of colors in web design. Whether you are a blogger who needs ideas for a color scheme or a designer in search of some color inspiration, the tools presented here should give you a starting point.

Description Netscape introduced a fixed color palette of 216 colors that will be used on platforms with a graphics mode with only 256 colors. Other colors will be dithered to that color palette.

Color Schemes . As we improved our ability to reproduce any color imaginable, the problem of choice arose. How do we decide what colors to use?

Great article. Thanks. I just started my own web services business, and while I have many years coding, I am somewhat new to design theory. Jumping from writing compliant code to choosing an effective color scheme can be jarring.

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