The Importance Of Rel=”nofollow”

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When you link to an external website, search engines pass a small part of link authority from your website to the other website. Think of this as passing some of your website’s ranking to another website – this could potentially be harmful to your site’s ranking. In fact, Some SEO experts believe that by making external links nofollow, their own website will rank higher.

Well, it’s not completely true. Nofollow links do have their own importance and to discuss them, here we are with this article. Importance of Nofollow Backlinks for SEO They build authority. A site with lots of nofollow links across the web makes it look more genuine and authentic. Hunger for 100% dofollow links could make your site look spammy …

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The rel=”nofollow” attribute has been around for quite a while on the internet, and more and more websites and blogs tend to use it to link to sites and pro