Security For Any Website: Cloud-based Web Application Firewalls

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With the rise of web threats, any web application needs to have a proper firewall in place to protect from attacks for non-disruptive online business operations. Having vulnerable files, plugin, software, or misconfiguration on your server can expose to a security risk, which may have the financial and reputational loss.

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A regular web application firewall (WAF) provides security by operating through an application or service, blocking service calls, inputs and outputs that do not meet the policy of a firewall, i.e. set of rules to a HTTP conversation. WAFs do not require modification of application source code.

06/06/2017  · Firewalls can be run on the same machine that hosts the web server, but this is a security flaw in itself. Thus, typically, firewalls for websites are run on their own hardware, which constitutes a disadvantage: anyone able to corrupt the firewall automatically gains the access they were trying to.