Peekier: This New Search Engine Protects Your Privacy

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Especially the top dogs of the search branch store lots of data regarding your search requests and even beyond that. Read This article quotes prepared within 24 hours

The most privacy-oriented search engine. Learn more.

07/01/2017  · However, a new search engine, called Peekier, has entered the scene. Peekier doesn’t store cookies, doesn’t save your IP address or any other information, doesn’t save search keywords, and doesn’t aggregate any information for its own use or to sell to marketeers.

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The brand new search engine Peekier has a very different way of handling the mentioned aspects. First off, it doesn’t place cookies, and doesn’t save your IP address or any other information. The results are mainly taken from Bing, which is why you can actually consider Peekier as a true alternative to Google, just by looking at the quantity and quality of the search results. The search …