On-the-fly Image Overlays Using Cloudinary

You can now use Cloudinary’s image manipulation URLs to add text layers to images on-the-fly, while selecting any font out of a set of hundreds of fonts. You can also further customize and manipulate your text layers to achieve the desired look and feel. All this is done in the cloud using dynamic URLs (no authenticated API calls are required).

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This is where Cloudinary comes in. Cloudinary’s image overlay feature helps users easily combine multiple images. It supports image and text overlays using on-the-fly manipulation URLs. In this blog post, we will show you how to separately manipulate, process, and transform underlying and overlaying images, then dynamically generate a resulting …

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On-the-Fly Image Overlays using cloudinary. 216. shares. share tweet Linkedin. Image overlay isn’t solely about having the right touch to create an amazing visual. You also need a great tool that simplifies the process. Cloudinary, a cloud-based image and video service for websites and mobile applications, is exactly the tool you need. How to Overlay Images . First open a free Cloudinary …