Ocr On Images With Project Naptha – A Clever Chrome Extension

Ocr On Images With Project Naptha – A Clever Chrome Extension. Web Design. Svg In Responsive Webdesign: Pros And Cons . Recent Posts. Christmas Experiments: Daily Dose Of Webgl’s Full Power; Ocr On Images With Project Naptha – A Clever Chrome Extension; Svg In Responsive Webdesign: Pros And cons; pure inspiration: 33 New And Award-winning Websites; How A Vpn Can Help Digital …

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Project Naptha started out as "Images as Text" the 2nd place winning entry to 2013’s HackMIT Hackathon. It launched 5 months later, reaching 200,000 users in a week, and was featured on the front page of Hacker News, Reddit, Engadget, Lifehacker, The Verge, and PCWorld.

But here you can disable the extension for single images or the whole site. Currently, Project Naptha is only available as a Chrome extension. According to the Project Naptha website they might release an add-on for Firefox in the next couple of weeks, depending on how the interest is. So, if you want this add-on to be released, send them an email.