Is Ux Really That Important?

The result of comprehensive user experience design is a controlled design vocabulary that can then be applied to a number of related communication media for different purposes so that their entirety results in the intended overall experience of an individual, or group.

Elements. User experience design draws from design approaches like human-computer interaction and user-centered design and includes elements from similar disciplines like interaction design, visual design, information architecture, user research, and others.

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Perhaps “UX design is largely a visual discipline” probably isn’t the best choice of words. What I meant is that because people generally take in the majority of their input when using a interactive system visually, the visuals of any UX design are incredibly important.

About Andreas Krohn. Andreas Krohn is an API Specialist at Dopter in Sweden. He consults companies and authorities in the technology, marketing and business impact of using APIs and focuses on pragmatic API solutions that fulfill the needs of the business.

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I posted a note on Twitter earlier today about a friend of mine who calls himself (at my suggestion, having worked with him and knowing his skill set and interest) a UX Developer.