How To Design For Multiple Languages

Flags are very often used to indicate a language. However, I agree with Gunnar Bittersmann, in that I’m not a big fan of using flags for language switchers. Consider the following reasons: Flags represent countries, not languages. A country can have more than one official language. A language can be spoken in more than one country.

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PHP Multi Language Website Tutorial: Create Dynamic Website In 20 Minutes In the past, Wix had two templates that already had multiple language functionality built in. Now, thanks to the language menu app, all you have to do is add the app to any template and you get access to this capability – the infrastructure of switching between languages …

Pros. It is very easy to implement. There is no complexity in writing SQL to fetch the underlying data in any language. Suppose I want to write a query to retrieve product and customer details for a particular order in the French language.

What is the best way to create multi-language database? To create localized table for every table is making design and querying complex, in other case to add column for each language is simple but not dynamic, please help me to understand what is the best choose for enterprise applications

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The Internet isn’t all in English. I mean, I know this. You know this. But unless you actually have to stop and think about building a website in more than one language, you might not look …

How do you suggest to Design tables when working with multiple languages on a site? Say for example that we have a table called product. That one might …

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