Ghost Buttons – The Minimalist Web Design Trend

Gallery of the Ghost Button Trend. Remember, the key to any trend is to use it well. As a Designmodo said about the trend: “I believe that each and any trend born in design could be thoughtfully used. The most important is not to be addicted to it, and choose the happy mean.” That is the key to using ghost buttons or any other trend for that matter.

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We ran a click test on three different ghost button designs, each on a different site. These websites were picked as being good examples of ghost buttons, using clear minimalist design. We simply showed users two designs, one with ghost buttons and one with solid buttons and asked them to click the action of the button label (e.g., ‘where would you click if you wanted to buy tickets?’). We …

Web Design Trends 2015 - Ghost ButtonMost designers stopped implementing buttons as a design element around 2003/2004, using dynamic menu systems and CSS to dress things up instead. Strangely, buttons have made a comeback in web dev circles, now they’re known as "ghost buttons" instead. This is literally the most anticipated trend for 2015. So you better get prepared if you want to stay up to date in the new year.

The trend in web design goes towards minimalism which is also reflected in the style of buttons. The hot so-called ghost buttons fit perfectly with the reserved look of modern websites based on flat design or even more trendy material design. Ghost buttons basically consist only of a very thin outline with some text in it. They can hardly be created more basic – at least, if you want them to be recognized as what …

Mostly ghost-style buttons look exactly the same on almost all sites. Let’s look closer at those “goods” and “bads” about the use of hollow buttons. Advantages of the Ghost Button. As for look and style, it’s obvious that ghost button design emerged from the latest trend on flat user interface. Empty buttons fit this trend the best …

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