Fontea: Using Google Fonts In Photoshop

All things considered, Fontea is a reliable plugin for Photoshop that offers you an extensive library of Google fonts, which you can easily integrate into your projects. It can be easily installed…

Fontea brings you one-touch access to over 800 web fonts from Google to use within Photoshop — yes, the entire extensive foundry of open source Google Fonts that you can use in any creative project. Click the "Try Me" link on Fontea’s home page and see the web fonts in action. Source usually makes commercial plug-ins for designers.

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The canny tool creators from Source are back. Fontea is a recently published plugin that allows you to use all Google fonts directly within Photoshop. Fontea works starting from photoshop version 2015 on up and is free. An extension for Sketch is also announced.

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