Flexbox Patterns: Ready-to-use Building Blocks For Your Design

Text Effects With Svg: Patterns, Masks And Clipping Paths First a clipping mask is a lot like what it sounds like. You would use it to “clip” around a particular area. In the end it is sort of like a layering effect that will take place. Shapes are an easy way to make use of a clipping mask. Text is also very common. Using
WordPress: This Checklist Helps You Optimise Your Articles In this article, we’ll take you through our WordPress blogger checklist. It consists of 10 tasks you should always take care of before publishing any blog post. Check out our handy infographic at the bottom of this post. There’s a lot we need to cover, so let’s get started right away! 1. Perform Keyword Research.
1000+ Free High Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets Seo Basics: Backlinks – The Good, The Bad, And … [infographic] This means if your site has a ton of backlinks, then search engines will view it as a popular site. The new content you release will get picked up by the search engines faster too, thus making it easier for potential customers to find!

Easily achieve popular but difficult design patterns. centering. vertically center content with a couple clicks. Equal-height modules. No matter how many Really Long Headlines you write. Collection grid . Highlight a key element in a collection or gallery. Feature lists. Bang out those ubiquitous feature list designs in no time. Pricing table. Build a pricing table. Without using any …

Flexbox Patterns: Ready-To-Use Building Blocks for Your design. 44. shares. Share Tweet Linkedin. If you ever delved into Flexbox as an alternative to the classic CSS box model, you probably don’t want to go back. The hitch is, that you need to deal with it in-depth, and who has enough time for that these days. Thus, we’re often stuck with old methods of getting things …

More compact web fonts With Woff 2.0 More Compact Web Fonts With WOFF 2.0 While multiple file formats had to be provided during the early days of web fonts, nowadays, the WOFF format has become the standard and is supported by all modern browsers. Older formats like the EOT format are only needed when you want to support Internet Explorer before version

The aim of this task is to get you working with Flexbox and demonstrate your understanding of how flex items behave. Below are four common design patterns which you might use Flexbox to create, your task is to build them.

Role Of Storytelling In Fostering User Experience The use of Storytelling as a teaching method is on the rise. Yet, not much is known about how the approach affects language development in a foreign language classroom environment. First I use interviews to examine teacher perceptions and experiences about Storytelling and its effect on language development across a variety of native language teaching