40 Amazing 3d Fractals Using Apophysis

How To Design For Multiple Languages Flags are very often used to indicate a language. However, I agree with Gunnar Bittersmann, in that Iā€™m not a big fan of using flags for language switchers. Consider the following reasons: Flags represent countries, not languages. A country can have more than one official language. A language can be spoken in more than one
3 Essential Design Trends, October 2018 3 essential design trends, April 2019 by · April 3, 2019 Sometimes design trends take a little while to emerge and sneak up on you, others seem to pop out of the blue all at once. 3 Cool css3 image hover Effects Popular Design News Of The week: june 19, 2017 ā€“ June 25, 2017

Thank you for such a great resource! Although sculpties are wonderful addition to SL building tools, I have always admired old school builders that can create magic from simple prims.

The Best New Portfolio Sites, June 2016 Adobe Reveals The Secrets Of Email Social Meet Up is a free iOS UI Kit made for Adobe XD by Aurélien Salomon and Lindsay Munro. The kit includes more than 80 screens organized in 6 categories and designed with a ā€¦ Basics Of The Mesh Tool In illustrator uber unveils simple New Rebrand Innovative Animated

JWildfire is the spiritual successor of the award winning image-processing software Wildfire7PPC for the Amiga. But, this time implemented using a high-level language (Java), with a more sophisticated user interface, and much more cool effects, and flame fractals šŸ™‚

Houdini VEX Fractals - A Journey through patterns and forms by Harkonnen I think fractals are one of the most interesting puzzles of mathematics. Many fractals can be made by a simple formula, yet they have such beautiful and complex designs.