4 Mistakes That Android App Developers Make

App developers who are new to the field, especially those with desktop programming experience, often make similar errors when writing apps. For Android developers , below are some mistakes to …

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One of the biggest mistakes that an Android designer and developer can make is copying the iOS version design and then coding it in. Something that happens more frequently than we would like in the name of fast development time and expedited launch. Developers forget that the whole interface and the experience that Apple gives is very different from what Android is able to offer. The …

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5 Mistakes Beginner Android App Developers Do (2019) | जो गलती मैंने की वो आप मत करनाAndroid development, much like software development, is a fun and rewarding pastime (or work, if you call it that). The above is a non exhaustive list of some common mistakes newbie Android developers tend to make. There is only one way to become an experienced Android developer, and that is to keep developing apps.

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